Saturday, December 5, 2009

Twelve things I never knew for Christmas

1. Christmas trees were first lighted with candles real fire hazard. Therefore, these containers are filled with water held around the Christmas tree.

2. Workers in the construction industry is responsible for the delivery of a Christmas tree on display in Rockefeller Center in New York. It is credited with the adoption of a bare tree on the site in early 1930.
3. Since mid 1960, the National Christmas Tree Association, a presence in the White House Christmas by donating a Christmas tree, the first family is maintained.
4. The former Woolworth department store first, sold manufactured Christmas tree in 1880.
5. Plastic was the main material used to make rags after use for decorative purposes, has led to a lockout, as used in production.
6. The idea for greeting cards at Christmas began in Britain in late 1830, when John Calcott Horsley started small cards, was one of the festive holiday scenes and produce a written greeting. These cards should be in the United States about the same time by RH Pease, Albany, New York, and Louis Prang, who was a German immigrant. The idea of sending greeting cards for Christmas gained popularity in both countries a period of about 10 years, when new mail delivery services are started.
7. The abbreviated form of Christmas Christmas is very popular in Europe since 1500. Supposedly, that is the Greek word Christos, Christ comes. 8. According to the National Confectioners Association, candy canes 200 years have produced only in white, and only in 1950 that he had invented a machine that could automate the production of candy trees.
9. The day after Christmas is called Boxing Day in England, and is a national holiday. There are many stories about the origin of the name. It is assumed that there would have arisen from the practice of boys to recover the money in boxes of clay. Another idea is that the concept of habit in the Middle Ages, before about 800 years, occurs when the churches will be the alms boxes and distribute content to a poor opening day after Christmas. Charity boxes boxes in which to gifts and donations of money to be affected. Even a belief that there should be a tradition of masters to their staff Christmas gifts in boxes in the wake of Christmas.
11. In ancient times, many people worshiped the sun as a god, in December, because they think that the winter was produced every year, because the sun god had fallen to the disease. Therefore, the winter solstice, celebrated as a sign that the Son of God's power and regain health.
12. The legislature is the Congress Center on Christmas Day in 1789, the first seen in the new Constitution. The reason for the meeting of Congress was because it became popular and then observe and participate in the following English customs of the American Revolution. And when the celebrations of Christmas already ruled Boston from 1659 to 1681, is an expensive thing to see who was associated with an event or activity for Christmas. Those caught had to pay five marks.