Monday, November 2, 2009

How to build a RC car

Remote Control car is one of the famous hobby in the world now. Many people prefer to build their own RC Car so they can maximize the engine, to make more good
performance and other features of the RC car.

Building a RC car provide a great challenge cause they require the most amount of effort and time, but as a reward you have an experience which can help you to upgrade or repair your car.
Before you build your RC car you have to decide what type of car you want. Do you want an off-road model or on-road model. Do you want an electric powered car or a gas powered car. As a beginner an electric powered car is recommended for you to build.
Before you work, you have to follow and read the instruction carefully. Never expect to finish your RC car immediately. Don't forget to take break very often so you can think better and you will get any ideas to assemble your RC car easily.

The tips to build your own RC car :

1. Read first the manual before building your RC car. Thereby you will get guideline so you would not wasting time. Check from time to time to ascertain you are on the right step and don't skip any step found in manual book.
2. Beside taking key notes in your manual, you should concentrate on the screw setting and position. It is important to make supplementary notes so you will understand the manual correctly.
3. You must prepare napkin to avoid lost of car's parts and to clean liquid that spilled out. When you leave your work, ascertain that you close the car with cloth or towel, to avoid lost of parts. Put a desk lamp so you can see the tiny parts clearly.
4. It is suggested to store your mini parts in a tray. You can use empty boxes to keep parts of your RC car kit. Be sure to keep everything separated and sorted to make your job easy.
5. You need to prepare a set of tools as pliers, needle-nose pliers, regular screwdriver, Phillips-head screwdrivers, glue, a set of small precision screwdrivers, a pair of slip-joint and cutter.

And last but not least if you are a beginner, you must has patience, because it is difficult to build a RC car if you don't have experience. Keep in your mind that building your own RC car can be fun and make proud.