Friday, November 6, 2009

Nitro RC Car

If you ever watch racing theme movies, you will found the racing car in that movies are using Nitro to boosts its speed.

So many peoples assume that "Nitro RC Car" refers to the RC Car that's have been upgraded and that gas-powered RC Cars using gasoline for fuel.
That is not true, because gas-powered RC Car using a mixture Nitromethane and castor oil. So it is more appropriate when called Nitro RC car.
Things needed when you want to use RC Nitro Cars:
1. You must already have enough experience with Electric-powered RC Car. Because of the fact that Nitro RC Cars are much difficult to handle.
2. A strong desire to jump into the Nitro RC car hobby. This is because Nitro RC Cars need much money to spend and no one wants to spend money when do not get any profit.
The "profit" from Nitro RC Cars is not in form of money but the satisfaction of invaluable.
3. You must have a lot of information about the Nitro RC Cars because there are a wide variety of Nitro RC Cars, prices, types, engine capacities, durability and so on.
All this leads to the proportionality between the price you spend with the results you get.
4. Here are the things you need for Nitro RC Cars:
a. Nitro RC Car kits containing what you need to build the Nitro RC Car, including the engine, the chassis and the whole parts of RC car. Beginner are Advised to follow the instruction found in the manual exactly.
b. Remember: Do not use gasoline to run your Nitro RC Car. The fuel used to run Nitro RC
Car is the mixture of nitromethane and castor oil.
To keep your Nitro RC car can last longer, always use fuel that recommended by the factory.